Haus Rules are the foundation for how we run our Haus.

the Chicken ‘Wich

the Chicken ‘Wich


Haus Rule #1

No Deli Meat

No Deli Meat, we take the time and make it right, we have a limited menu to allow us to create a few menu items and make them exceptional.

All of our meats are brought in as a primal cut. We then, season, marinate, braise, roast, sear and/or slice giving each ingredient the proper care to bring out the best attributes of the protein.

Cranberry Mayo Origins

Cranberry Mayo Origins


Haus Rule #2

Layers of Flavors

Each component of our ‘Wishes are carefully considered, from the house pickled vegetables to our bread choices that are impeccably paired with each ‘Wich.

the Pork ‘Wich is created on the Amoroso roll, an iconic Philidelphia bakery that has been baking hearth breads since 1904, and is considered the go to hoagie for the Philly Cheesesteak. We do this because the Pork ‘Wich and the Amoroso roll belong together. the Rib ‘Wich has a buttery brioche bun that compliments the rich flavors of the braised short rib. Each bread and ‘Wich are paired to come together in harmony.

We take our spreads seriously too, we roast our tomatoes in house for the sun-dried tomato mayo, bring in fresh cranberries for the cranberry mayo and fresh herbs for the herb dijon mustard.


Haus Rule #3

Have a Good Time

This is our favorite rule, because, we like to have a good time at our Haus! And dining out should be fun.

Whether it is a adding a photo booth when it snows more than 6” for our Haus Guests to enjoy, (who doesn’t like a souvenir of a great day on the slopes) or playing yard games in the summer.

That’s why we do what we do, we enjoy hosting.

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